Pulling random, previously created questions into the Quiz tool

Hi there,

I really like using the Quiz tool to build a quiz that can randomly order questions, but is it actually actually possible to pull questions from the pool of questions I have already created, perhaps by Tag, rather than having to rebuild them every time I build a new quiz?


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Hi Robert,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then work on a feature they find interesting or useful.

Actually you don't need to rebuild your questions from scratch since H5P has a copy/paste feature which you can use to "reuse" previously created questions.


Let me push that idea a bit further. A Question Bank  not only to collect elements and items but also to create directly inside for later use. Moodle is imo a fabulous model, albeit complex.

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Hi Maude!

I think we're at the edge of what H5P is supposed to be. It is intended to focus on interactions that "stand on their own", not on all the things that LMS are meant for (like user management, tracking scores, etc.).


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Totally agree with Oliver. H5p is not an LMS. It cannot do and was never meant to do all the numerous things that an LMS can do. 

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Yes, and I like it that way. Still leaving the "external tool" option. Sebastian Rettig built the import script for Flashcards and Dialog Cards, and he also built a Scorm wrapper. There's a German company that created some converter for creating packages that can run offline, ... There's a whole ecosystem that could be built by the community - and by built I mean planned, funded, coded, ... The core team cannot do everything. Facere aude!

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Hi Oliver,

You forgot Agamotto, Dictation, H5PxAPIkatchu etc. As well as Papi Jo's Guess the Sentence, Drag and Drop enhancements to name a few ;-)


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Those are nice, sure! But I wasn't thinking of content types which are kind of within H5P, but of things built around H5P. Like H5PxAPIkatchu (or H5P-Sharing if you have not yet tested that), true :-)