I would like to hanve a sound when two icons match. Why is this not possible? 

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Hi aggelgo,

This is not possible because the code/feature is not available.

Note: I have moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


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This would be a great enhancement for Memory Game. I speak from the perspective of a language teacher. It's very beneficial for learners to associate images with sounds in the target language, prior to consolidate these associations with written words.


I am new to H5P so forgive me if I am doing something wrong please. I am using H5P through Lumi. I am able to associate sounds with the first selection of a card and it works well, but as soon as I enter a sound for a matched 2nd card, it seems to destroy the game. Icons appear without images and just a speaker icon. I see in some threads that the matched sound is not available, but the feature appears in the add card sections as:

Matching Audio Track

An optional sound that plays when the second card is turned.Does this feature work or am I missing something? I have treid .wav files, mpegs, etc., but I cannot get it to work.I am so grateful for H5P and I really hope to use it more!Thanks in advance for any assistance,Gordie 
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Hi Gordon!

If you add a 2nd sound, then Memory Game assumes that you also want to use 2nd (different) image. If you don't upload a 2nd image, Memory Game fills the flip side of the card with the speaker icon instead. That's all, nothing is broken. If you want two different sounds but the same image, you'll have to upload the image twice.