Need a developer to add features to Audio and Interactive Video


Hi all,

we're looking a developer to take on adding these features:

1. Interactive Video and Audio: Amazon S3 compatability. Users will be able to enter keys as a configuration option, then simply paste the S3 media URL into the URL field of audio and video

2. Currently, the h5p audio player has a settings option to disable downloads. It doesn't work because the h5p audio player uses the native browser html5 audio player for playback. This could be fairly easily remedied. Add some code to the h5p audio content type that when "Allow Download" under "Display Options " in the settings is unchecked and saved, then these parameters are added to the audio player

oncontextmenu="return false;" 


controls controlsList="nodownload"

for example:

<audio width="640" controls controlsList="nodownload" oncontextmenu="return false;"> <source data-src="talktalk.mp3" type="audio/mp3"></audio>

I have tested this and it does work, just needs to be implemented. Looking for a h5p developer to take this on. I'm sure it would serve many people want to block downloads directly from the page displayed. (Yes, I know people can still scour the source and find the URL)

I have posted a job on Upwork to complete this work. I would prefer to have it included in a h5p release. I did send a contact request to facilitate development but did not receive a reply. I think these mods would benefit tje h5p community and would be glad to contribute them to the next release of h5p.  Apply here:

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