Table Format/Layout for Advanced fill the blanks

Hi I was wondering if it was possible to create a table layout with set out columns for the user to imput number answers in the Advanced Fill the Blank content type? I've included a visual of what I'm trying to create. Some examples span more than 3 columns and can be up 9 columns across or more.

Any suggestions would be great. I'm currently just adding something like this on each line for a 3 column layout (not ideal as spacing is not always lined up from row to row):

Set-up costs            A £ *0.06/6p: (set-up rate) x (no of production runs) = answer / (no of units)*  B £ *0.38/38p: (set-up rate) x (no of production runs) = answer / (no of units)*  C £ *3.85: (set-up rate) x (no of production runs) = answer / (no of units)*

Many thanks


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Hi Man,

Advanced Fill in the Blanks is was contributed by Serettig and you can send your request directly through his git repo.