Branching Scenario (next)ContentId in content.json


I am working on a large branching scenario and would like edit this directly in the .h5p file so that I can copy-paste e.g. feedback and connecting branches. Within the .h5p zipfile, all content appears to be defined in the content.json file so that is very promising. However, connecting branches is complicated by an elusive ContentId. 

Within each BranchingQuestion, if an "alternative" is set to jump to another branch it refers to a "nextContentId" (which is an integer). However, the ContentId for a question is not defined within the content.json.  Rather, it seems to just be ordered incrementally from 0 based on the order in which the questions occur in the file. This means that A. It is diffucult to determine the contentId for a particular question, B. the ContentId may have no relation to the question number or description (for example, in my case question #1 has contentId 0; but question 50 has contentID 61), and C. this makes it impossible to change the order of questions within the content.json file. This makes it difficult to edit and reference appropriate questions from within the content.json file. 

Is there a way to manually set the ContentId for a branching question or, alternatively, to show question ContentIds directly in the content.json?


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