Integration of H5P in authoring tools /any other platforms then moodle, drupal, WP

Hi we are thinking of using an authoring tool of a small company, that offers customization. Since they don't have all the features we need, we were thinking if its possible to integrate H5P. Is this a reasonable approach or is it only possible to integrate H5P into the three platforms mentioned here: ?

Any hints and tips how to proceed very welcome!


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In theory, there should be no issue integrating H5P into any authoring tool as long as it's web based. How much time it takes will depend on the programming langauge and the complexity of the existing system. For PHP there already exist generic components that can be used to create new integrations, reducing the amount of work required: e.g. h5p-php-library and h5p-editor-php-library. I've seen others working on such components for Python and NodeJS as well. 

Another option, is of course, looking into embedding H5P from another system such as WordPress or Drupal – or wait for the highly anticipated which will offer advanced ways of seamlessly embedding content through technologies such as LTI.

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