Virtual Tour Scene titles for authors are shown to end-users

In the Virtual Tour (360) content type each scene has

  1. Scene Title Used to identify the scene for authors
  2. Scene Description A text that can describe the scene for the end-user

Such clear distinction between information seen by authors versus end-users is important especially when used in teaching. However, when viewing the 360 tour as end-user the Scene Titles are shown when hovering over the New Scene button. See e.g. the first example at where hovering over the left New Scene button shows the title "Scene 02 Tomb Soldier" (also attached screenshot). 

Information for authors should obviosuly not be shown to end-users. I hope this can be fixed by either 1. showing a separate Scene Title for end-users or 2. not showing anything at all. 



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Hi Robin,

Thank you for reporting this. I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.