mathjax and MathDisplay (1.0.5)



I recently got acquainted with the features of h5p and it is very cool! I use Moodle 3.7.1+ (Build: 20190801) and H5P 1.20.2, MathDisplay (1.0.5) is installed. But there is a problem: I need to use mathematical symbols in my work. Always used mathJax. I can't do anything to display mathematical symbols. There are JS errors in the Chrome console. What am I doing wrong? I have already studied all the options...(including those in the documentation). Does not work... It is also noted that installing on a second-level domain does not cause problems.

Save me!

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I have the same problem here! Did you find a solution? On chrome MathDisplay (1.0.7) is just not working, and when you use the Console same errors appears!

On Firefox and Safari it just displays properly!