Interactive Videos for eCommerce

Hi Guys,

The H5P framework is awesome but I was wondering if the following would be possible without any modification to the code (hopefully this will be reviewed by one of the H5P developers or someone who has more knowledge of the product than I do).

  1. The ability to follow objects when adding an interaction. For example, when adding a label, move the label frame by frame to follow the object?
  2. The ability to 'favourite' objects, almost like adding them to a basket so you can review them at the end of the video or during the video?

I thought of the idea as I had been using a product called WireWax for sometime and thought it might be a better idea to use a third-party tool to allow the same functionality with more flexibility.

Really hoping the community can help here!


Oz @ NuVerve

Interactive Videos for eCommerce
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Hi oz_nuv,

Currently there is no option to achieve what you are asking. But somebody in the community might pick this up and can help us achieve this.