Feature Request: Moodle Embed

It would be very helpful if the embed option were available in the Moodle Plugin.

Currently there is only a download option. So if I wished to embed the content into another course I would need to:

  • Create Content in Moodle
  • Download 
  • Upload to H5P
  • Choose Embed option
  • Place where needed

The big issue with this however is I am unable to report in one place. If I embed from moodle I can get completion data. If I upload and then embed from H5P I lose that data it seems.

If anyone knows another work around I would greatly appreciate it.


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See this thread https://h5p.org/node/62720.  Many of us are requesting the same thing.

I don't think there are any workarounds - if you want to record grades from an H5P activity in the Moodle Gradebook the activities have to be created and deployed in Moodle, but you then can't embed them.  


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Yes, that is correct. There is no official implementation of Moodle embed yet, but it is definitely something that many people wants. Hopefully someone will create a pullrequest for it or it will get priority.