[WORDPRESS] Error while upload example image 825.h5p

Hi all,

i've an error while upload by the first time the example pack of image snapshot.

I follow the way at this link : http://h5p.org/installation#guides-header-2

but when i try the test image (point 3), wordpress return this error:

"The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (We are unable to unzip it)"

How can i solve the problem ?

Wordpress version 3.9.2


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Where did you get 825.h5p? Could you upload the file here?

Hi, the file i had downloaded is hosted at

I attach the file.


H5P file: 

Any idea on how to solve it ?? Thanks!!

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Which operating system is WP installed on?

It works on an Apache Web Server, with linux.

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Could you please check your php/apache error log, to see if there are traces of any related messages there?