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I do like the essay question feature which forces users to type a free text asnwer which matches a list of pre-prepared answers (with a few wildcard characters to allow for poor spelling). Could this be added to the possible question types in and interactive video?


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Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then work on a feature they find interesting or useful.


I love that Essay has recently been added to Column and Quiz content types, and I hope it will be added to Presentation and Interactive Videos at some point. (I do not see how to find the H5P Supporter Programme.)

Hi, the most commonly used question type for assessment is the open ended question or task starting with an action verb e.g Explain, Describe, Compare etc. Not having an open ended question type as part of the suite of question types in Interactive Video seems like a significant oversight. The Essay task, as it exists, would be perfect for the purpose of asking open-ended questions and providing instant feedback to students. Is it possible to get an ETA?



Waiting to hear a response to the question posed above about the strong need for essay questions to be possible for Interactive Videos.  Not sure what the hold-up is.  This is a huge drawback.

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Hi All,

Oliver the developer of Essay mentioned that the change would be just a few line of codes. However testing the changes takes time and the H5P core team is currently finishing the OER Hub, as for the timeline I can't say exactly when.


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Hi all!

For those who are interested in why seemingly simple things take for ages: Adding Essay essentially means to

  • Add it to the options of InteractiveVideo (, 1 line of code
  • Add the library to the editor (, 1 line of code (count it as 5 if you will)
  • Add an icon declaration to the stylesheet of the editor (, 1 line of code (count it as ~6 if you will).
  • If there's not suitable icon available, one would have to be added: some design work (but "\e90c" of the 'H5PFontIcons' might work).
  • Add a couple of lines of extra CSS potentially to iron out visual issues, ~10 lines of code.

If I am not forgetting something, that's it. I could do that in a couple of minutes and create a pull request. And it feels like this is soooo simply, doesn't it? So why hasn't this been done already?

First of all, as BV mentioned, this needs to be tested. Essay implements the so called question type contract - and it's running fine using that in Question Set. Probably fine. Still, scoring should be checked. Then we are running Essay inside of a different content type which always may cause trouble with resizing or some other things related to how browsers render pages. Then we're instantiating Essay in a custom editor here. That may cause some extra trouble. Checking that all takes time! It may take me a couple of minutes to write the code, but the H5P core team will be busy for quite some hours.

And we could also take a look from different perspectives. Have you had a look a the menu bar? It's crowded, needs to expand downwards for icons that don't fit into the top menu. There's not much space left before the extension hits the bottom. What to do then? Should we better use the available space for some other content type that's better suited in Interactive Video than Essay? Should Essay go in there in the first place? Do we need to implement a new menu bar solution? There are plans to insert sub content via the H5P Hub anyway - should we do that first and implement Essay afterwards then potentially avoiding other problems?

Those and more questions are things that the H5P core team will have to think about and discuss, too! And there are many, many more requests. If the team had triple the size, then things might be easier, but until then, please be patient.


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I saw that there was a release of Free Text in the Interactive video - I use the Moodle Plugin, I am just curious where I can find it. 


Thank you 

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Hi Ceit,

It is possible that "Enable LRS dependent content types" is not turned on. To enable this go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> H5P -> H5P Settings then place a check on "Enable LRS dependent content types".