Better support for copyright display

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It's pretty neat that you can add copyright information to media that you include to content types. Still, this feature could possibly be improved:

1) As a content creator, within the copyright edit window I want to be able to add information in a text field in order to be able to fully comply to Creative Commons licenses that require to indicate if changes were made (and what changes).

2a) As a content creator, I want to be able to not only set the license for others' content that I am remixing, but also for my resulting content type in order to show others easily what they may and mustn't do.

2b) As a content creator, I want to be able choose a license for my content type from a list that only contains those licenses that can actually be used based on the media I used from other people. For instance, if I use an image licensed under CC BY and one licensed under CC BY-SA, I want to be presented with CC BY-SA only.

2c) As a content creator, I want to be shown a warning if I combined media with licenses that cannot be used together for remixed content, e.g. an image licensed under CC BY-ND and CC BY-NC, see

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Hi Otacke,

Thanks for the feedback.

I've sent the link to this feature request to our UX designer, so that she is aware of your suggestions, for potential upcoming changes to Copyright features.

- Tom

It would be so useful to be able to add copyright information in the h5p settings and have that reflected by default in all h5p-generated activities. 

Even better would be to have several copyright categories to choose from when creating an h5p, to override the default (in the settings). 

It would be much easier for designers to modify the fewest options rather than adding the same information to each image. 

Likewise, just as you have an Image Edit feature now, an add copyright feature would be fantastic - for website or company name + COpyright symbol + year. Ideally, this text could be dragged and dropped either within or without the margins in black or white.

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This is a great idea, thank you for the suggestion.

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It would be helpful stll to see some of these ideas limited. In working on projects wth Faculty, this is an area of continuing confusion. I find that 80+% of users never enter overall metadata for H5P content, just the title field because it is required. Many people do not click the metadata button.

The copyright fields for media is too limited, some for reasons outside of H5P that there are proliferation of license variants for Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, etc. and H5P offers just a limited set. They are all close to public domain but not exact, but under Public domain, we are only offered Public Domain Mark (which does not apply) and CC0 (which they are not). Then there is YouTube's own license.

And as noted in the original post by Oliver, there is no means to indicate works that are combinations of mixed sources.

What I suggest is an additional option under the menu for "Other..." and a notes field where a creator can explain (which would make this more consistent with the overall Metadata editing interface).

I hate seeing faculty spend too much time trying to sort this out when ts easily solvable with a notes field. Please?

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Hi Alan!

What do you suggest to improve the situation about missing metadata? Is this something that could be solved best in H5P or by organizational policies? I could imagine something like a "force" switch in the plugin that makes completing metadata forms mandatory (or at least confirming that they are not required), but that may also annoy many people that simply don't need the metadata for their purposes - and they might blame the H5P core team instead of the person who flipped the switch. I could also imagine to (optionally) autofill the fields with a standard license and the current author's name, but that would probably cause confusion sooner or later when you are remixing content and forget to put in the true author.

I agree that the options for licenses are too limited, but I assume it's hard to keep up with all the custom licenses. Sounds do-able though and feasible if the current select field was changed to a "query field" that narrows down your options as you type. Would have to be developed for the H5P editor though. Also, there's already a solution for that problem. The solution may not be perfect, but custom licenses is something that the "license extras" field was designed for. Whatever you enter there will be visible in the copyright overlay, so you can use it to restrict or enlarge the terms of the license. So it might actually only be an "other" option to stronger hint to the license extras?

Regarding mixed licensing, I was rather thinking of some form of wizard that helps you choose a license. The coypright view may also not be perfect, but you can check all the licenses that are used throughout content at least.


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Thanks Oliver.

I don't propose a technical change to the problem of missing metadata; this is something that just needs to be done through documentation, training, and also in practice. It's more an observation that when I look through existing H5P the large majority lack metadata. And I am optimistic for the implications here for the last 7% of the H5P OER Hub -- with that implementation will it not require more metadata to be shared to the Hub?

Also "metadata" as a button label is meaningful to technical folks and librarians, but it does not suggest the purpose for the typical user. "Sharng/Reuse Details" or "Sharing/Reuse Metadata" while long, is more helpful. Or help text that might better cnourage entry. 

I would not expect H5P to manage all possible niche licenses. I suggest offering an "Other- see notes" option in the menu where the license can be explicilty declared in the notes field. As is, the interface forces a user to select a "close by not quite" license guess. To me, Pixabay/Unsplash are not all the different from CC0 but technically they are not. 

The interface for media metadata is inconsisent across tools. I can see in Course Presentation and IMage Juxtaposition, that there is a metadata button adjacent to uploaded media that has the same interface as overall metadata. But other tools, for example Memory Game and poster images for Interactive Video (and I have not looked at them all), have a more limited interface that appears under a Copyright Info button. I would like to see the full metadata interface across the tools. This at least provides a notes field where the license can be explained.


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Hi Alan!

Thanks for clearing up my confusion about how completing the metadata field could be improved. Would love to know what the H5P core team thinks about relabeling the metadata button.

I am not sure what the ultimate plan is for the metadata. I think if some form of wizard was to be created or if you want to filter for them as the OER Hub is supposed to, then a free text field for licenses might make things more complicated.

Yeah, that interface difference is nasty. I agree. There's an old ticket for that (, but it was never put (back) into the development loop.


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Thanks for the exchange, Oliver. 

I don't really care whether the metadata for non-standard liceses is discoverable. What I do care about is this-- we are asking educators to be diligent in attributiing media. When presented with forms that offer license options that are not applicable, it impedes their work and interest in doing this as they try to puzzle, "what license do I pick"?