Is there a plan to add Leaderboard functionality in the foreseeable future? I saw someone else ask this, and the answer was that it wasn't in there yet, but it required some coding to implement. Exactly how much is "some coding"?

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Hi cronos!

Maybe some things need explaining.

First of all: Just because there's a feature request here on the forum doesn't mean that the feature will be picked up for development - or it may land way down on a list because other things receive higher priority (or someone actually funds development that will be done first).

Second: H5P has a focus on single content and leaves the integration of content into a larger context to the host systems. That includes user management required for leaderboards. That kind of functionality would have to be implemented into every single plugin which would mean quite some work - and I believe that the H5P core team should spend their resources on other things than highscore lists.