Duplicate interactions within interactive video

Hi there,

in my interactive videos I often use several instances of the same question type. Right now I have to input all the features (size, naming of the buttons etc etc) again and again. Is there a way to copy and paste an interaction within one video, so that I just have to change the variable bits?

(Hope I could get my meaning across.)

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duplicate interaction within interactive videos
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Hi Annette,

I'm sorry but this is not possible as of the moment. This is a good suggestion none the less and can help efficiently create the contents.


Thank you. I am glad you also regard this (future) feature as helpful.


If I understood Annette's feature request correctly, then she wants to copy a content type in one place of the interactive video to another location in the same video and change it accordingly. I would love to see the more general possibility of copying "standard" content types from outside the video and paste it into the interactive video. 

For instance, I tried to copy a multiple-choice question from "outside" the video into the video. But it destroyed the content type "interactive video," and instead of adding a new interaction, I ended up with the multiple-choice content type. But maybe I did something wrong?

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Hi petzi,

You can copy an existing content in your case MCQ that is outside of the Interactive Video and paste it within IV. To do this you need to click on the copy button inside IV not the 'paste & replace' button (screenshot attached).

Edit: Please note that you can only copy and paste content types that you can create inside IV. For example you cannot paste a speak the words content inside IV.


Thanks, BV52, that's what I've been looking for!


Hi BV,

I see! I knew of that button inside IV, but I thought I had first to create the content type inside IV and then to copy the content from outside. I didn't know that I can use that inside copy button immediately. Thank you for clearing up this issue! 

Thanks, BV52, that's what I've been looking for!