Interactive Book, the retry button is not available in "essay" type

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When testing the new Interactive Book, the retry button does not show if I choose "essay" question type. I've tried many different settings but nothing is working. 

The button that shows up is "Check" and I can't seem to disable that. So, if the user clicks "Check" then they are blocked from typing something in the essay answer textbox.

The only way the user can finally get access to the textbox again, is if they leave the whole activity and then go back into it.



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Hi rhodehamelr,

Thank you for reporting this. After some testing, the issue only happens if the "keyword" is blank. I've also verified that this happens in standalone Essays. I've reported this and you follow the progress here.


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Hi all!

Not sure if that should be considered a bug - what the heck are you using Essay for if you don't define keywords? - but I changed the behavior as requested.