Major Accessibility Improvements

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Major accessibility improvements are released!

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Major Accessibility Improvements

H5P has two primary focuses in everything we do: accessibility and user experience. Previously, it has been difficult to generate funding for these two focuses as organizations typically want to fund cool new features and content types. With the income we now generate from we are also able to fund the less spectacular, but certainly more important improvements. The H5P Core team has been working with two universities and spent several weeks improving the accessibility of H5P.

34 issues have been solved.


  • US: November 18th
  • EU: November 19th
  • AP: November 20th
  • Self hosters: Available

Code snippets

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If you use H5P to teach programming you may now finally add both inline code and larger code snippets almost everywhere in H5P!

Here is an example:

Since code snippets will only confuse the majority of our users, this feature is disabled by default, but users may enable it in their user profiles. Self hosters may enable the feature following this tutorial. Some may want to add it for some of their specific users and others probably for everyone.

A big thanks to eCornell for sponsoring and contributing the code snippets feature.


  • US: November 18th
  • EU: November 19th
  • AP: November 20th
  • Self hosters: Available, but must be enabled

Language Improvements

Our community has been fantastic at contributing language improvements for H5P. Below is a list of contributors:

  • German (otacke, Sebastian Rettig, germanvaleroelizondo)
  • Russian (Skiper7, maxtetdev)
  • Greek (e-me)
  • Italian (gerardofallani)
  • Slovenian (miropuhek)
  • French (martin-kosmos, kevin-kosmos)
  • Brazilian Portugese (MarvinTomizawa, jnavroski, henrique-cesar)
  • Czech (svatas)
  • Ukrainian (yurashrol)
  • Turkish (kartagis)
  • Costa Rican Spanish (germanvaleroelizondo, marbaque)
  • Estonian (leoste)
  • Basque (izendegi)
  • Spanish (marbaque)
  • Polish (apienk)
  • Bulgarian (ceibg)
  • Norwegian (knutski)

We’ve also added support for French and Dutch for itself. A big thanks to Frederic Raes and Thomas Claeys from Artevelde University of Applied Sciences for contributing the Dutch and French translations for Users of may change their language in their user profile.


  • US: November 18th
  • EU: November 19th
  • AP: November 20th
  • Self hosters: Available


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The customers

The customers of, the SaaS version of H5P, are the biggest sponsors of H5P. While enjoying the best version of H5P, priority support from the H5P Core Team and high end hosting the customers contribute massively to the open source project with feedback and funding. was launched August 1st 2018. After a year almost 100 universities and schools were among the customers and the customer base continues to grow rapidly both within education and enterprise. By joining organizations make H5P possible and help move H5P forward faster in the years to come.

You may now register for the H5P Con 2020

Madison, Wisconsin, 18th-20th May 2020

H5P conference 2020

A preliminary program is available and you may now register for the H5P Conference 2020

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