DRUPAL OPIGNO+H5P: How to stop a library update



I have about 12K content of QuestionSet type. We are on Drupal Opigno LMS. Recently, about 3 days back, the content library update got triggered, which is causing a lot of write operations to the network storage in the H5P's /temp folder. This is causing the overall IO to be slow, high CPU load average due to the wait time. 

It seems the library update was a bad idea, and it should be terminated. However, there is no defined way to identify and stop the process of upgrading the libraries in the whole set of content.

h5p file not found

Hello, I need you to guide me because I have not been able to solve the issue, I have investigated in documents and not found the answer, I am working on localhost, to present content, I have all the h5p plugins that I found installed in moodle, and when I do the activity and I try to call it to show it, I get this error, can someone tell me what happens? I would like to generate content without using the iframe of h5p.org but something more native to the platform, is there any way or it depends on the server and iframes external, thank you!

Moodle 3.9.6+

Trying to figure out why anything that doesn't explicitly have quiz items gets scored anyway.

Hi all,

I've been working with Opigno and Drupal 8 to build a simple training site. I posted about this issue over on their forums yesterday and haven't heard anything, but maybe someone over here will have a clue...

The gist of the problem I'm having is I created two of their modules. In the second one I created a bunch of "activities" which are all indivudal questions. And then set it to provide 5 of them randomly. That seems to be all working as designed.