H5P & xAPI customisation - Capturing xAPI place and device activities


Hi there,

I have a Drupal 9 site which uses the H5P and simple xAPI modules to connect to a Learning Locker instance I have on AWS instance. I am able to capture all the basic information from my test H5P forms such as attempted, completed, intereacted, etc.

I would, however like to extend the functionality to capture the xAPI place and device activities. Would anyone have any pointers, Drupal hooks or suggestions as to how I can capture and pass these?

Important!!! Drag and Drop not working with touch screen/smart board. Help please...

None of the H5P drag-and-drop content types work on the SmartBoard. I tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Is there a way to fix this or any workaround to get it working on a SmartBoard? I have implemented all the solution suggestions at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-3063. The result has not changed. I also tried it on different operating systems such as windows, linux. The result has not changed. This problem needs to be resolved immediately.