Trying to figure out why anything that doesn't explicitly have quiz items gets scored anyway.

Hi all,

I've been working with Opigno and Drupal 8 to build a simple training site. I posted about this issue over on their forums yesterday and haven't heard anything, but maybe someone over here will have a clue...

The gist of the problem I'm having is I created two of their modules. In the second one I created a bunch of "activities" which are all indivudal questions. And then set it to provide 5 of them randomly. That seems to be all working as designed.

'You have specified an invalid directory' in field 'Default h5p package path'

Hi there, hope you can help me... I tried to integrate h5p into a fresh dupal-8.9.3 installation on a webserver. Unfortunately there is a failure when try to save the H5P-Settings because the Default h5p package path is not valid. There is only 'h5p' inserted into the field. It is such an directory inside the subfolder and the path which is show below the field is correct. Is there a solution for that issue?