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Can't copy&paste fill in the blanks 1.12 in Interactive Book

Hello there !

I am using H5P (latest version) on Wordpress (latest version) and I am also using the wonderful Interactive Book content type to stack different activities that I have already created (fill in the blanks, drag and drop, singlechoice set... ) in one convenient book, easy to navigate for my students, with chapters and a clean interface. 

Pages in interactive books

Dear reader,

I would like to request pages insinde interactive books. I know that they still are in alpha status. But I think this would be a good feature making the plugin more booklike. A book does not only have chapters. And when you place a lot of content on a chapter you get a scroll not a book.

I found a work around with a course presentation inside of one chapters. But to edit the presentation inside the interactive book window makes it realy tiny and to copy it drops the pictures.

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