Branching Scenario

Make question field optional in Branching Scenario: Branching Question

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Currently the Branching Scenerio: Branching Question has a required field "question." If not filled in, it displays the error:

     The text field is required and must have a value.

This can be ignored, and the form saved -- then in preview, it displays the text string "undefined" instead of an empty question.



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Branching Scenario auto-play not working

I'm having issues with videos not playing automatically even though the "Auto-play video" option is selected. For some reason if I upload the videos, the auto play function works. However, when I use a link from Panopto, the function does not work. Is there anyway around this? The reason why I'd like to use Panopto instead of just uploading the video is because Panopto has more accesibility functions such as subtitles and audio description.