Change label on content

Hello, i'm a developer with experience in javascript.

I'm using the multiple hotspot content, and I want to change one of the inputs to use a textarea instead of an input, but I'm having a weird issue because I can modify the content in the unzipped h5p but when I upload it the changes are not present. 

Using Lumi client.


Aggamotto not working for IOS mobile devices

I've been creating H5P content for a while now and there exists some conflict with some of the H5P content types with IOS devices. Especially audio type content but as I tried "Aggamotto" recently I came to know that even this content type portrays problems with IOS mobile devices. I'm pretty sure of this state as I develop and check all the H5P content on my Mac systems once developed. And when I finished developing a demo type for aggamotto the section where it was supposed to display the data was pitch black.