Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive - but ZipArchive is turned on!

Hi all, I've read the posts from people who have seen the error message "Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive". They seem to resolve it by getting their host to turn on ZipArchive for them.

So I went directly to my host already (SiteGround) and they are confused since I'm on php 7.1 and libzip is enabled:

How to add the plugin and create new content



I have several questions, I haven't used H5P before, but I have a website with wordpress and LearnDash, and I'd like to create content for this website. Apparently, I have to install the plugin, but I don't find the link and my other question is about the creation of content, I found exemples of content and when I go to the link get started, then I go to another website and I must pay for this one. I thought H5P was opensource, so I don't know what the payment is for, apparently, it is to save your creation, but I want to safe my content on ly website.

Interactive Video - "File Too Large" error


I am on a Wordpress site and am trying to create an "Interactive Video" H5P question type. Our media upload limit on the Wordpress site is set to 400 MB, and I'm trying to upload a 350MB video to use for the Interactive Video. At the reguar size, or even when I reduce the video size considerably, I get the error "The file you are trying to upload might be too large". Additionally, I tried linking a Vimeo Pro video but it kept giving me the error "video unknown".

Thank you!