h5p plugin for Wordpress is not tested for acctual wordpress version 5.4.1 -is it safe to use?

Hi, i am usiung h5p plugin for wordpress and the actual wordpress-version 5.4.1 reports in the plugin list:
compatible until 5.3.3
this plugin is untested for your version of wordpress.

Question 1: Is is unsafe to use h5p on the current wordpress 5.4.1?

Question 2: Or do I have migrate back (all the other plugins, theme-development, ...) to the last compatible 5.3.3 Version?

manage the plugin from the site - in the frontend

 hellow,We installed the h5p on wordpress multisite.It works very well through the control panel in backend,I want to allow users to manage the plugin from the site -  in the frontend.Is it  possible? can you guid me how to do it? I'm wp developer.thanks.haya lax, tik-tak developer