Image Juxtaposition

Shift in Juxtaposition (no-full-screen-mode)


I have a problem with juxtaposition. I use the Lumi authoring tool to create H5P content. The problem arises when the content is exported as an HTML file. The first example shows a vertical slider. A piece of the background image remains white at the top and bottom. To me it looks like a shift of the front and back image.

The second example shows a horizontal image slider. This does not create a white area as in the previous example. However, a piece of the foreground and background image is missing in this case. This also looks like a shift between both images to me.

Upgraded to Moodle 4.1 as a test but none of the H5P activites copied over

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Hi I recently upgraded my moodle site from 3.11 to 4.1 and everything went smoothly. I am think though I am going to  have to roll it back to 3.11 again because not one of the H5P activities copied over with moodledata and all the courses are devoid of any H5P activities. Before I do a roll back is there an easy way of accessing my H5P content and getting the activities to load in the courses as they were in the 3.11 version of moodle. 

I was really excited about upgrading and really thought that H5P was complatible with Moodle 4.11

H5p library and all contents don't display in Admin area and navigation bar of my WordPress site

Hello, I just noticed that H5P contents disappeared from the Admin area and navigation bar, all these contents can be shown up in the front-end, but in the admin area, they are invisible. even this page /wp-admin/admin.php?page=h5p is inaccessible to any roles who are permitted to access the admin. I have switched the theme to twenty-twenty and deactivated all plugins, H5p contents are still invisible.