Image Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition Image Size on embedded code


I'm a french user, so I hope my translation will be good.

I've made an image juxtaposition on

I want now to import it in a presentation ( with genially) as an embedded element.

I've copied and pasted the iframe's code. But the image is too big for my presentation.

When I try to resize directly in my presentation by clicking on my inserted element, the view is uncomplete.

When I try to change the iframe's code, ( width and height ) the result is the same.

How can I do to resize the whole element ?

I need your help.

H5P Image Juxtaposition Content does not appear on browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome




I've been working with H5P for a long time, it's the first time this problem has come up. Different people in different countries have tested the site on several browsers. H5P content is not displayed on Firefox and Chrome desktop browsers.

I am grateful for any help!


Possible bug with image juxtaposition

I noticed that images that should match up do not match up perfectly. For example, in the cropped screenshot attached of my image juxtaposition interaction, the heading of both images are the same, but the content below is different. However, the headings don't line up even though the headings on the source images are identical. Looks like there's a bit of image warping happening.