Interactive Video

AUTOMATIC submission of answers in a interactive video?

I get asked a lot why answers aren't being submitted in an interactive video. After all, the user has done a lot of work sitting there watching a video and interacting with the content that is overlayed on the video. Little do they realise that the tiny obscure star icon at the end of the video bar is in fact a button that you can and must press. It doesn't sing or dance or animate in any way to alert your attention to it, so why would you click it?

Unable to set up interactive video in Spanish or German (English only)

When I try to set up an interactive video and the WP is in German or Spanish (I don't know if in other languages as well) I can't do it. The translated texts seem to be too long and displace dialogs of configuration and I cannot access it. The WP in English USA works perfectly

Interactive Video: "Prevent skipping forward" and Dumb but 100% correct answering

I would like to report two problems in Interactive Video.

1) Behavioural settings > Prevent skipping forward in a video

One of our Polish "creative" students has found a very easy workaround.
Given that for example Google Chrome web browser has "Inspect" in context menu, just right-click on H5P video and select that "Inspect" option.
In DevTools select "Console" and type following JavaScript that results in "virtual skip forward" of video: