Interactive Video

Interactive Video Interactions as a standalone quiz


I want to use H5p  interactions that i created in a video  to be used as standalone quiz. for that i am building an app on Angular which will take the wordpress table that contains content in the video interactions as json. now i want to use the libraries already built by h5p to display them to user one by one. how can i call the user interface libraries and display content of interactions with minor modifications ?


Textantwort im Interaktiven Video


ist es möglich im interaktiven Video, auch eine Frage zu stellen die mit einem Textfeld als Anwort dargestellt wird.

Das heißt der Schüler muß die Anwort mit eigenem Text schreiben.

Danke Gerd Weinzierl

"it is possible in the interactive video to ask a question that is displayed in a text field as an answer.

That means the student has to write the answer with his own text."