First Annual H5P Academy Awards

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The H5P Ambassadors and the H5P Core Team hosted the first ever H5P Academy Awards on February 28th where great H5P productions were celebrated. This was a practice round before the H5P Ambassadors open up the competition for all of us in the community in 2025. We expect to launch the new competition in September 2024, and invite submissions then.

The H5P Ambassadors got to submit H5P content to be awarded the best content of 2024 within the following categories:

  • Best Interactive Book (content type)
  • Best use of Course Presentation (content type)
  • Innovative Use of Multimedia (video, image and sound)
  • Outstanding Visual Design
  • Impactful Gamification

See the video of the award ceremony with links to the nominated and winning content below:


Best interactive book

Felicia Wun - University of Hawai`i

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Best use of course presentation (content type)

David Lohner & Team - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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Innovative Use of Multimedia (image, video, audio)

Theresa Huff - Idaho State University (grad student)

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Outstanding visual design

Amber Hoye - Boise State University

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Impactful Gamification

Susan Jaworowski - University of Hawai`i

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