Roadmap update

We will get lots of exciting new features and improvements in 2024. H5P is built by and for us, the community and everyone in the community has a say in how H5P can get closer to its vision of empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. We have had a chance to speak up through surveys, forum posts and meetings. Many of us want new content types and features, but even more of us want the H5P Core Team to focus their efforts on improving and modernizing the content types we already have.

Our feedback has resulted in the following five focus areas for 2024:

  • Making it easier to get started
  • Authoring experience
  • AI
  • New themeable end-user design
  • Developer experience

These improvements will impact and benefit all H5P users, in each stage of the process from creating content till the end-users interact with it.

Creating H5P content will be easier, faster and more enjoyable with the improvements planned for 2024. The end user experience will be transformed with a new design, enabling even greater experiences for millions of learners. Combining this with improvements to the developer experience we will grow stronger and more vibrant than ever.

Focus areas

Making it easier to get started

Ease of use is at the core of H5P and crucial for us to become a standard for interactive content. It must be easy for everyone to create interactive content, independently of background, experience or profession. More pedagogical H5P examples and templates readily available is one of the ways we will make it easier to start. Another effortless way to start creating content is by reusing what others have created instead of starting from scratch. This will be simplified by releasing an upgraded version of the H5P Content Hub improving the search and making it possible to see all content an organization has shared. Additionally AI, with Smart Import will continue to be a more and more common way of becoming familiar with H5P.

Authoring experience

The authoring experience is at the core of H5P and essential to effectively and intuitively create great content. It must combine simplicity and flexibility, being an enabler for a creative process. We will focus on making the experience more efficient and enjoyable. This will be achieved with new features, reducing known pain-points and introducing new ways of creating content.

Dragging and pasting media files

In the editor we will now be able to directly drop in or paste media files, without the need to browse the file directory. This will simplify and speed up the process used when creating media rich content.

Expanding and collapsing editor fields

We often create comprehensive H5Ps and it can be difficult to get an overview of all of the fields and content in the authoring tool and result in a long scroll. To overcome this, we are introducing a button to easily collapse and expand fields with one click.

Layout Builder

The Layout Builder introduces a complete shift in how H5P content is created and a chance to create responsive, flexible layouts with multiple columns inside the Interactive Book. This improvement is a gamechanger, making authors more efficient and becoming a part of the new premium authoring tools on To enable the creation of complex layouts, the Layout Builder provides a WYSIWYG canvas, facilitating easy editing, repositioning, and previewing.


AI is continuing to revolutionize the way we work and in 2024 we will continue to make it easy to use AI with H5P. Both finding new ways to use Chat GPT with H5P and continuing to improve Smart Import. Smart Import is a time-saver, making content creation more than three times faster and a great way to convert existing material into interactive content. We are working on the second version of Smart Import and will in 2024 introduce several new features.

Fine-tune content by defining learning objectives

The most requested feature for Smart Import is to fine tune content generation for a specific topic. To achieve this we will get the chance to define the learning objects when importing materials. With that we can tell the AI what to focus on and only get the most relevant questions and content.

Create the Chase and Single Choice Set

In 2024 Smart Import will start to support two new content types, being able to generate a total of 11 different content types. The new additions will be Single Choice Set and one of our Live Engagement Tools; The Chase.

Support Vimeo and Panopto videos

In Smart Import website and video links can be used directly and support for the popular video providers Vimeo and Panopto will now be added.

Automatically create and add transcripts

For uploaded videos a transcript of the video will be created and included in the generated Interactive Video, reducing the need for manual work.

Extended language support

Until now, Smart Import has only supported English due to AI model limitations. However, with ongoing advancements in AI, Smart Import will expand its language support in 2024, beginning with the most highly requested languages such as French and Spanish.

New look and feel

With the H5P 10 year anniversary last year it is time for a major upgrade in the look and feel of all content types. The new end user design will also come with the options of setting theme colors and spacing for the content. The theme colors will be adjustable both on an organizational level and per content, as requested to fit different use cases. The new design is being created in close collaboration with the beta tester group, who are constantly testing and giving feedback. In the webinar recording at the end of the page you can get a sneak peak of the new design.

Developer experience

A great open-source product requires a great developer experience. That makes it easier and more efficient to build new features and attract more people to work on the H5P project. Focusing on the developer experience is crucial for the future sustainability of the H5P project. In 2024 we will release an updated version of the H5P CLI tool. It now offers a full development environment making it possible to start developing H5P content types within minutes.

H5P 2.0

H5P was started more than 10 years ago and over 50 content types have been made. During this time we have all learned a lot that will be utilized to create a new modern standard of H5P content types: H5P 2.0. This year will be spent prototyping and planning, preparing to start creating the next generation of H5P content types. H5P 2.0 will make it easier to create new content types and support new functionality and features like exam mode and in-line editing.

Roadmap webinar

In the video and presentation below you can get a sneak preview of the new theme, the Layout Builder, see the highlights from 2023 and learn more about the 2024 roadmap.

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