March 2024 release note

Even better H5P gamification!

Gamification of H5P content has become much easier and more exciting with Game Map. This content type was just released in January and has already become very popular! We now have a new version of Game Map from otacke with major upgrades allowing us to gamify even more. Additionally, due to popular demand, we are adding distractors to Drag the Words, and the H5P Core Team has been diligently enhancing the accessibility of H5P as always.

New version of Game Map

We can now gamify in even more interesting ways with Game Map. Finishing the game is also done in a more controlled and intuitive way. This version of this fun content type fixes reported problems seen in the initial version. The new version makes Game Map an even better tool to create gamified H5P learning experiences. Great job otacke!

See the example game below:

These are the new features in Game Map:

  • As an author you can now set a maximum time limit for the whole game and a warning time for an audio hint. If the user runs out of time: Game over!
  • As an author, you can now place dedicated “finish stages” onto the map. There’s a new button in the editor for that purpose. These “finish stages” work just like the main finish button in the main toolbar, but they inherit a stage’s features as well: they could be locked or hidden until the user reaches them.
  • The main finish button will now pulse gently when the user has collected enough points so he/she could finish safely. Even without placing “finish” stages it will now be a little more obvious how to finish the game.
  • Besides the “finish stage” as a special stage type, authors can also place “extra lives” stages and “extra time” stages onto the map. They do what you think they do :) They add some tactical elements to the game. For instance, gaining access to the extra lives could be bound to solving a difficult question that imposes a risk of losing lives … Oh, and you now can assign audio events for gaining a life or extra time!
  • The stage labels will not have a horizontal offset anymore but be placed centered to the stage. Also, they will now always be on top and not hidden under a stage sometimes.
  • In the editor, the buttons will now have a tooltip attached to them explaining their function.

Distractors in Drag the Words

It is now possible to make Drag the Words more difficult by adding distractor words. Previously the number of words was always the same as the number of blanks allowing students to use the method of elimination to complete the task. You can now add extra words so that only some of the words are to be dragged into the blanks while others are only there to make the activity more challenging. See the example below:

Accessibility improvements

The H5P Core Team has received accessibility test reports from several community members. Such reports always receive high priority and a lot of fixes have been made:

Other improvements


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