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Authoring tool coming along

The generic H5P authoring tool is now able to edit much of the boardgame content. It is also able to create new nodes based on the libraries in Boardgame. It can create Multichoice nodes, Questionset nodes and new Boardgame nodes, but we have some bugs to sort out before the new nodes created using the H5P Editor works perfectly.

We've also added library support for the H5P editor. This means that an H5P package may contain an H5P Editor library that expands the capabilities of the Editor.

First status update

The H5P project is coming along. We've got the first h5p content prototype and Drupal integration prototype up and running. The authoring tool is also in a "proof of concept" stage.

We'll now add some documentation to the h5p website. The documentation is already written in Norwegian, and will be published in Norwegian. It will be translated to English asap.

The next days will be exciting as the first content will be finished and hopefully we'll be able to edit it and create new instances of it using the generic editor very soon!