Interactive survey (no quizz) in video

very nice work!

I try to find a solution to propose interactive surveys in order to analyze viewers' satisfaction and feelings while watching a new video programme.

Do you think possible - if yes, how - to allow a survey use-case to the actual quizz modules embedded in the video player? I just need to ask open/closed questions to my future viewers, without any need for scores and true/false references. But for sure I need to catch their answers! (And consider xAPI to do so).

I think this need would mean less effort than the video interactive quizz module you successfully developed.


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Have you looked into using Questionnaire with Interactive Video?

- Tom


I have a similar application need. I have set up Questionnaire to collect user's ratings at the end of videos on a WordPress site. I am sending the xAPI statements to the free LRS at SCORM Cloud. But I can't figure out how to get a usable report compiling the data.  I can see each of the statements (which amount to every key press by every user).  How can I collect and compile users' responses to the Questionnaire?

Thank you!


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So you see the xAPI statements in the LRS, but don't know how to create a report of it? Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the SCORM Cloud's LRS. Have you tried asking them?

The xAPI statements being sent for each keypress is not ideal and will be changed in a later release. You may follow the issue here:

Thanks! I just spoke with the SCORM Cloud people, and they said they don't have a reporting add-on--we would have to buy their entire LMS or develop a reporting interface ourselves.  It seems like there must be a simpler way to capture and aggregate people's multiple choice responses, even within WordPress.  Is there any other way to collect the responses from Questionnaire? 

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There are different LRSes out there. Maybe this list might help you?