Capacity to customize background and fonts directly in the editor

A welcome addition would certainly be to add the capacity to customize background (color) and fonts (type, size, color etc.) directly in the editor without having to play in the CSS or PHP code.

The documentation in that regard is not clear and giving it a try, I wouldn't have a clue of what I'm doing. Like many who would use H5P, I'm an instructional designer not a web programmer.

Thanks for hearing me.






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Hi Michel,

Thanks for your feedback. When the editor was created we (the Core Team) tried to minimize the amount of complexity in the software to make a cleaner interface and to reduce the number of bugs. That's one of the reasons why a lot of the customization is only possible through changing the code itself. 

There will always be a balance between useablilty and customizability and we're trying to add as many customization options as we can. I can't give a prediction when it will be possible to change the font types and backgrounds in the editor but if you require it to be done quite urgently I would recommend looking for a freelancer who can change the code for you.

Best regards,