Show "loading" indicator for Interactive Video

I'm creating Interactive Videos with some fairly large videos hosted on Vimeo, and in some cases I'm finding the videos take 10+ seconds to finish buffering and show within the player. During that time, the start screen title and play button show, but clicking on the play button simply makes the start screen disappear. This is obviously confusing to users, who then stare at a blank video player for a number of seconds until it finally starts playing.

Would it be possible to add a "loading" indicator to Interactive Videos to show until the video is ready to be played (and to hide the play button of the start screen until then, too)? I seem to recall this issue being raised and addressed a while ago, but couldn't find it anywhere in the forums. 

Loading indicator IV
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Great suggestion, spazfox. I agree that it's quite poor UX for learners to have to stare at a blank screen. I've added this feature request to the feature request list and it will be prioritised soon.



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Any progress on this? I have a similar issue to the one described above.