New Release: Speak the Words, Audio Recorder and Agamotto

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I'm excited to announce the release of three brand new content types: Speak the Words, Audio Recorder and Agamotto. This is the first newsletter after the Content Type Hub has gone live and thanks to the new release procedure, these new content types were released to the community immediately and have been available for a few weeks now. You can keep up to date with the continuous releases here.

Speak the Words

Speak the Words is an incredibly futuristic content type created by thomasmars. It listens to voice input via a microphone and uses Chrome's Web Speech API to check the correctness of the statement. Here's a simple example:

Chrome's Web Speech API supports over 33 different languages making Speak the Words a perfect match for language learning exercises:

Note that Speak the Words only works in Chrome. 

Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder is a general purpose recorder that allows learners to download their recordings as .wav files.

Audio Recorder does not check the words in the recording and is, therefore, more suited to free-form questions:


Another great new content type by otacke, Agamotto (also known as Image Blender) allows users to compare and explore a sequence of images interactively. Authors can decide to add a short explanatory text for each image:

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements for Drag and Drop:

Improvements for Interactive Video:

  • Subtitles (vtt) for uploaded videos (HFP-964)
  • YouTube Captions (HFP-966)
  • Quality names for video streams (HFP-965)
  • Bugfix: Crashes when just adding video and saving (HFP-786)
  • Authoring tool: Improved design for top menu steps (HFP-237)

 Improvements for Image Juxtaposition by otacke:

  • You can now click anywhere on the images, and the slider will move there gently. Of course, you can still use the handle if you prefer.
  • You can now use the keyboard to control the handle if it is in focus. Handy for handicapped people.
  • Fixed a bug that would set the initial aria-value for the handle position wrong for a very brief amount of time.
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug that might have prevented the images to pop up in correct height as reported by gtielemans.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Questionnaire doesn't work in IE11 at all (HFP-929)
  • IE 11: crashing when checking answer (HFP-1070)
  • Audio Recorder: Not possible to play recording on Firefox 53 (HFP-1051)
  • Questionnaire sends xAPI interacted on each keystroke (HFP-759)
  • Added color picker for tables in CKEditor (HFP-842)
  • Pull request by sr258: Added transparent mode to H5P.Audio (HFP-697)
  • Made the no-video-src message more prominent in the Interactive Video authoring tool (HFP-380)

New and updated translations:

  • Timeline: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • Interactive Video: Danish (uffepost), German (danieltebs)
  • Single Choice Set: German (danieltebs)
  • Drag Question: German (danieltebs)
  • Audio Recorder: Dutch (René Breedveld), French (Maeva-B), German (Daniel Tebs), Italian (Gerardo Fallani), Japanese (Hiroshi Mochizuki), Swedish (Maria Sommarström)

Beta Testers

A big thanks to our beta testers for testing Audio Recorder and providing valuable feedback: 

  • Hartmut Karrasch
  • Jesus Garate
  • Ragnhild Daae Bekkevoll
  • Ian Briggs


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