Disabling the "Share on twitter link" in the summary slide (Moodle)


First of all I wanted to express my gratitude for putting so much work on the Moodle plugin of H5P, it has made my work much easier and the courses much more interesting! 

I wanted to know if there was a way to disable or hide the link for sharing the results of a course presentation activity on twitter (on the summary slide). 

Thank you for your time!


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There is no setting to remove it. It has to be done in the css, by a person that maintains the website.

- Tom

Thank you for your answer ! Would that mean loosing what we already created using H5P on the website?  

Edit: I tried doing it on my local moodle. I simply added ".h5p-course-presentation .h5p-summary-twitter-message {display: none;}" to the h5p.css file and it appeared to work. Should I do the same thing on the website or is that risky? 

Thank you for your answer! 

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Changing the css won't result in the loss of your existing h5p's 

Thank you for your quick answers, the h5p community rocks! 

How can I remove the twitter link if I am embedding in Schoology?

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If you are embedding from h5p.org, I don't think it's possible. But if you have a seperate Drupal/Moodle/WordPress you are sharing from, you can use the PHP styling hooks there.

- Tom