Content Unavailable for Question Set, Drag & Drop

Hi there,

I have three content pieces that are persistently showing up as "Content Unavailable" when embedded in the Canvas LMS. I am accessing these via Chrome & Firefox on a desktop. 

I have tried to recreate these entirely and continue to receive the "Content Unavailable" message. Perhaps these have been blocked by the spam filter?

If so, any assistance in getting these unblocked/republished would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Content types: 
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I tested embedding these and it was working fine.
All of the content should be published, are you still experiencing the 'content unavailable' message ?

Hi Thomas – I am no longer receiving the "Content Unavailable" message and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks for your help.

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That's good to hear. :-)

I am having the same problem.  I have embedded other H5P content in my canvas quiz and it works just fine, but this particular one does not.  If I am logged in to H5P, it works.  When I am not logged in, I get the Content Unvailable message.  I even downloaded the H5P file and uploaded into canvas and I get the same issue.  I have tried multiple browsers on multiple computers and get the same issue.

(using embed code = 

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Hi djarrow,

There is a big possibility that your content has been caught in the sites spam filter and I'm afraid we do not republish contents anymore. Please note that is only for trying out the tool, and at the moment we have a quite aggressive spam filter enabled. You could go to the getting started page to learn how to get started with H5P if you are done trying it out on or sign up for a subscription