Offline / Desktop consumption?

Request: Allow students to download h5p packages and play them offline, on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

My current setup:

I have my content structured in a book. I let instructors choose to reference an interactive video (h5p) or a upload videos right into the node. On display, I have two buttons: 1) Download PDF and 2) Download Video

The Download Video link is for the video field, while the pdf renders the rest of the content (body, images, etc.). I would like to be able to do something similar with h5p content.

It would be awesome if there was a way for students to playback h5p packages right on their local machines. From a pedagogical perspective, it enables greater flexibility of access.

Just a thought, thanks for your time and an awesome product.


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Thank you for your interest in H5P!

The function you are asking for is from a technical perspective possible to do, but it is not part of the current H5P roadmap. It might be someone in the growing H5P-community could implement such a functionality. We will for sure offer support for external developers contributing to H5P!

Dear incredible H5P team :)

I was wondering if there has been any movement on this front?

For an upcoming project, involving a few hundred students in the pilot and eventually, several thousand students across the province, most in situations where they do not have constant, affordable Internet connectivity, this feature is a basic requirement for us to be able to use H5P to carry our content.

Any chance this could be released by the end of August?

-- tobateksingh

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This is, unfortunately, something the H5P core team can't prioritize now. There have been some efforts by community members to create mobile apps displaying H5Ps, but I am not sure what the current status is.


Yep, the assumption that everyone has access to a reliable internet connection is flawed. It's not merely poor infrastructure but sometimes a deliberate constraint (e.g. for security). Not being able to take advantage of your excellent content creation tool for this reason is a 'show-stopper' and undermines the core philosophy of providing quality learning for all. I really do think that this should be a major roadmap mission.

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Hi SamL,

Thank you for your input and we'll will definitely take into consideration.