A number of Suggestions

First up, the site is outstanding and has made a real impact with our staff - many thanks.


Is it possible to have a non-uniform hotspot maker eg by clicking a mouse to make a shape. This would make a huge difference when creating hotspots on irregular shapes and/or covering all parts of the shape.

Ordering task

I am often asked by departments such as History and Maths to find an ordering quiz eg to make a series of statements or instructions in the correct order eg chronological dates or explaining the steps to solve a problem. If this could be extended to a series of images then you go have questions on radioactive decay, pictorial events etc!

Grouping Task

This is a very popular ask especially for language learnign and development. The ability to create 2, 3, 4 'pots/groups and then drag in words/phrases eg Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs as the groups and you have to put the correct words in each section.

Mark the Words

It would be great if you had the option of marking a 'phrase'. You could then create more learning activities where students identify statements. eg key reasons for WW1 or 4 features of conductors etc


Keep up the fantastic work!

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Thank you for the feedback!


Definitively possible. I don't know of anyone working on it right now, but I hope someone will develop or fund it.

Ordering task

Same as above. One of the "classic" question types that H5P is missing.

Grouping task

Should be possible to do this with drag and drop?

Mark the Words

This is a often requested feature, but how to make it without revealing the answer? Student clicks on all parts of the phrase in order to get correct?

Hi !

Regarding "Grouping task" it is indeed possible to achieve this with the drag and drop activity :


Sorry for the bug - I can't find how to edit my previous post to correct it.

Here is a screenshot of the outcome of the H5P file : http://take.ms/TNAcB

Pas de problem

Ca c'est tres bien et tres innovant, merci beacoup

(My best school French)

Glad I could be of some assistance - your french almost rocks ;)

Thanks for the feedback

I wonder if it was possible to have a 'Mark my Sentence' option? 

Unless I am mistaken, you can only add the " " around a single word? If I try to do "Carbon Dioxide" then it does not work. To have that functionality would be great...

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Hi, it is an often requested feature, but how should it work? The user has to mark both Carbon and Dioxide in order to get that one correct? If it automatically gets selected when one is clicked the answer kind of is revealed...

If I wanted to tick on Carbon Dioxide as a possible answer I would have to write it as "CarbonDioxide" as the wizard does not allow "Carbon Dioxide"

How difficult would it be to tweak the program code so that you can leave spaces in place and you just create 'marked' words using a pair of " " ?

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The problem is designing this in a way that doesn't give away correct answers. Users quickly learn that if a click on one word marks two words they have found a correct answer. See the suggestion from Isabelle below.

Hmm. I know this is now a very old thread but I'm wondering if it is this kind of reasoning that prevented the mark the words activity having an option for selecting multiple words. Surely whether or not the answer is given away depends on the activity. If there was a paragraph where you had to identify everyone who went on to become prime minister or president (or whatever) you might have several possibilites with probably two words apiece with some correct and some incorrect. Similarly, if I give a student a paragraph of four sentences and ask them to identify the conclusion there may be three whole sentences that are incorrect and one whole sentence that is correct. I would imagine that since it has been an oft requested feature people can think of many other examples.

We were warned at the time that the workaround using &#32 was unofficial and might not continue to work and in due course it did indeed stop working. I'm sure there will have been a good reason but, heyho.

I guess my latest workaround (which isn't as good) will also disappear. Such is life, I suppose.


I also think that this feature would be nice and would extend the "Mark the Words" content to new uses. I was actually wondering yesterday how I could make with this component this type of french grammar exercise :

"Select in the sentences the verbal complements that express time :
- In the garden, during the storm, some trees have been crushed by the violent wind.
- I was travelling in Japan when I got these really bad news last monday."

To answer correctly, students would have to select not words but expressions ("during the storm" and "last monday").

We could imagine something this :

  • We use underscore between the words from an expression that could be selectable. This would automatically cut the first sentence into 5 blocks in this example : In_the_garden (1), during_the_storm (2), some_trees (3) have_been_crushed (4) by_the_violent_wind (5).
  • The student can select each of the 5 blocks from this sentence by clicking on one word of the block. (He clicks on "wind" and "by the violent wind" gets selected ; he clicks on "garden" and the entire expression "In the garden" is selected.
  • To mark the correct block, we would as usual put it between double quotes. In our example : In_the_garden, "during_the_storm", some_trees have_been_crushed by_the_violent_wind.

I think that it could be quite an easy way to extend the "Mark the Words" component to other uses. But maybe this requires a lot of development - I have no clue about that.



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I don't know how much development work that would be, but I don't think it would be a lot, it would perhaps be a bit complex to explain new users. And some would probably only use _ between the words in the correct answer? Definitively one of the best ideas so far, maybe this should be a bit more hidden for power users?

Reading back my last post, I can see that I made a mistake : obviously, I meant that the correct answers would be marked with asterisks not with double quotes.

I really don't think that the "underscore solution" would be hard to grasp for new users if presented this way :

  • By default, all single words in the input text are selectable.
  • To have selectable groups of words instead, use underscore to concatenate the words from a group (happy_birthday / lord_of_the_flies) 
  • To mark the correct answers, use asterisks for single words (*teacher*) as well as for groups (*happy_birthday*)

This feature could indeed be "hidden for power users" but I think that it's worth a shot. Taking back Finn's example with "Carbon Dioxide", the text to input in the H5P wizard would not be very different than the actual one. You'll have to use underscores to add some groups of words here and there so that the correct solution (*carbon_dioxide*) doesn't reveal itself too obviously. In a longer text, it is even harder to find out where the selectable groups of words are hidden. Sorry for the "lorem ipsum" but I can't think of an exercise involving "carbon dioxide" ! :

Ad nec ludus philosophia. Quo *carbon_dioxide* numquam mediocritatem et, mollis menandri ea ius. Usu in minim tation aperiri carbonic_acid. Mel case regione accommodare et, ius ei hydrogen_sulfide homero dolore menandri. Id cum ludus option reprehendunt, carbon_monoxide eam ea saperet dolorem. 

Well, this is my two cents ;)



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Ok, thanks a lot for sharing! Your suggested solution is quite easy to implement, and people can keep using the content type the same way as today if they don't read the instructions/look for this feature. I think we'll go for this one or asking the end user to mark all parts of a phrase if they think the solution is a phrase. What do you think of such an alternative solution?

Of course, I prefer my suggested solution ;) The problem with asking the end user to mark all parts of a phrase if they think the solution is a phrase is that it can be tiresome to click, click and click again to select all the words... But mainly this can be problematic : should the end user select "petit chien" (small dog) or "le petit chien" (the small dog) including the article in the answer to get it right ? That's why I suggested the idea of allowing the editor to select by himself phrase (he decides if the article is included or not in the right answer) to ease the process for the end user without revealing the solution too obviously. (Sorry for this answer : I find it very difficult to articulate what I'd like to express with my english being so limited !) 

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It seems your English is more than sufficient! Very good points. I'm with you on your solution. Will keep an eye out for other community feedback in the thread before I completely make up my mind on this one, and increases the priority on the relevant issue.
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Another factor is whether or not we should require underscore in the solution. It isn't really needed. Underscore could be used for pairing incorrect combinations of word. i.e. *petit chien* probably should be handled the same way as *petit_chien*?

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?


It is done by putting & #32 (broken here to make sure it displays correctly) instead of a space when creating the the text. We've been warned in the past that there is no guarantee that this workaround will continue to work. Not sure why as it seems to work well.

Thank you very much @cfp for this great workaround that is working like a charm ;) Hope this will continue to work forever !

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Dear cfp, new to H5P and reading this thread from over a year ago. I have tried all sorts of combinations but have been unable to have two words combined be the selection in "mark the words". What should I insert between the words I wish to be combined? An &? An #? The numbers 32? Do I still use * .... * at the beginning and end? If this work around is still working, can you tell me how to use it correctly? Much appreciated! 

Instead of a space type an & and a # and then the number 32 all without any spaces. It is the HTML code for a space. Put an asterisk at the beginning and end of the phrase. Make sure there are no ordinary spaces anywhere between the two asterisks.

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Hej Cfp, thank you so much for your quick response. Building a pilot elearning setup and tested it right away. It works like a charm. Wow. Thanks a million. You made my day ;)

With underscore we also can pair up wrong words to a phrase!

Thanks for all the suggestions and great comments about this. So great to see people sharing ideas freely. I am not a great fan of the underscore in that it creates an artifical scenario and with my learners I would like to present something as realistic as possible.

I admit to nowing nothing about how the coding works which limits any deeper discussion sadly but would think that the blocker is the 'space' which must override the rule set by the pairs of * * around words.

What happens if you put ** around a space?

I guess my original question can be answered in different question types notably multiple choice and multiple select style questions.


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It's no problem to have ** around a phrase with spaces in it. The problem is that it would give away correct answers if only correct answers would result in multiple words getting selected with one click.


made this example thanks for your help.

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Looking good!

Nice one indeed ! :)

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yes, just found this example and its perfect for a little project I am working on

Before making a whole new thread i thought i could place a small suggestion right here.

Memory Game:

It would be really nice if it is made possible to have, instead of 2 exactly the same matching cards, 2 different looking cards who match with each other. For example i use a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte and i create another card with his name on it. Those two will then be a match.


I like this too. Maybe adding the possibility to have a nice background behind the memmory set and add a pattern add the back of a card. Just to make things look a little more slick. :) I added a picture of the idea that mitchz seems to have

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Good idea, and thank you for visualizing it as well :) I've made sure the developer gets this!
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I'm glad you suggested this. I've created a issue for this some time ago which can be found here:

If it something more people would like I will certainly prioritize it! 

finn, regarding the background would you like to create a issue for this on GitHub or should I do it? It would also be nice if you can share your thoughts on what you think should happen for different sized images. E.g. if images with a low height should be stretched or if the width should be "cut" at the edges.

Thank you for your good suggestions!

Hi, i don't know exactly what Github is since i am new at wordpress and websites so if you could do it that would be nice. :)

Regarding the background. I always create/modify my own images to make things fit. However i think that the suggestion of cutting the edges is the best solution. A person can always simply add more white around a image if the image get too much cut off. (i hope this is readable)

How can people let you know they like to have a certain enhancement or feature? By reacting in this topic or at that 'Github''?

I must say i really like how easy it is creating a memmory game!



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That is OK, I will add it. There's no need for you to create a GitHub account, I just asked in case you have a GitHub account and would've liked to have the issue associated with it. The main usage of GitHub is to keep track of the code as it is developed, but it's also good for keeping track of things to come or "bugs" that needs fixing.

Just communicating in the forums here is fine. The developers will make sure GitHub is up-to-speed.

Thank you!
Kind regards,

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Issue can be found here: #9

I could use a more extensive memmory game version with more options on my wordpress site. Mainly the example that Finn uploaded about math is something i seek in this.



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Very good, thank you for your feedback. 

Hi my students really like playing memmory and similair games. I'm a teacher for children in first grade. Connecting words with pictures is something we already do with real life materials. But for the short moments between lessons it would be ideal to do the same on our schools website, which already uses some of the great hp5 content. :)

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Cool, you may create those kinds of exercises with drag and drop.

I'am up for the same. Would like to see this option too in the future. My students could use exercises with pictures and words.

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Hi any news on the memory suggestions in this topic?

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No ETA for any of it yet. If you're a developer feel free to jump in and make it happen!

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Unfortunately i don't have the skills. I hope someone else will make it in the nearby future. Right now the memory game feels more like a gimmick. The suggestion of adding 2 different cards that can match will make this tool really usefull. ??

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Yeah, I see what you mean, but there are lots of memory games out there that works the way the H5P Memory Game works today where you're just supposed to find pairs as quickly as possible. Not that efficient for learning the way it is today, more for entertainment.

While making some excercises, I noticed that I need more functions to bring the sentences in the right order or making columns. So I was not happy with the layout of my excercise. 
I would suggest to expand the editor with more features if it is possible. 

Best wishes,

Gerold Stadlober

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Hi Gerold,

I'm sorry that you feel that there are limited functionalities to the contents. I suggest that you post a separate suggestion in the Feature Request forum. Please be specific on your request and give examples/use case for a better chance of it getting implemented.