Branchin Scenario

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Hi h5p team! hope your doing great!

A couple month ago, I heaed that you were preparing somo new content : Branchin Scenario

We are planing to include  rol playings in our course and this will be a great way to achieve it.

Is this content available at least for test ? I would love to have something like this.


Best Regards,


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Hi, the content type that is shown on the node you linked to is available by using Course Presentation with the "Active Surface Mode" option enabled. You can then use links to different slides to steer the users in certain directions given the choices they make.

We are also planning to release a more comprehensive 'branching scenario' content type later this year, which will allow you to more granularly navigate the user through different H5Ps depending on the answers or scores they get.

Hi Thomas,

I am really interested in this new content type! I have been hunting for existing tools for our health & medical science students but there is a complete lack out there. I was contemplating developing my own but would much rather feed this into H5P for consistency and community support!

I am looking for the below features:

  1. Multiple decision points i.e. there could be 5 possible decisions, each will branch off to their own set of decisions
  2. Looping – i.e. the ability to loop back to a previous scenario based on the decision taken.
  3. Ability to add a cost or other variables - in the health/medical science sector, students often perform tests/experiments. Each test has a cost assigned to it, so it would be great if students were made aware of this and could see what their total expenditure is. We are trying to emulate what happens in practice!
  4. A satisfaction/confidence scale as well as other Q types
  5. Note taking - case notes! This could be a short written response Q type
  6. A summary of decisions made - this is top on my list. It would be great if students could see exactly what decisions they have made, including the page info for each step and their notes taken. In addition to this, a graphical representation would be awesome! Finally, if the summary could be stored somewhere and/or saved as a PDF that would be the icing on the cake.

I have signed up for beta testing but would happily assist in other ways if required? Perhaps you could give me a sense what features are being proposed?



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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for all the feedback regarding Branching Scenario.

The designs, and feature list for version 1 is not complete yet, so I can't say anything certain about which of the points on your list will be included.

But some designs for the frontend were just sent for review, if you are interrested to look at them.

It would be great if you could help out with the beta testing. Just follow this link to sign up for it.

- Tom