Retain existing score for Interactive Video in Moodle (and count off for skipped questions)


There are two features that we would like to see incorporated into the Interactive Video module that would make it much more useful for our needs.

My K-12 school district is using the H5P Moodle plugin (Moodle version 3.1). Everyone I share it with is loving it - so first, a huge thank you to all involved in this wonderful project.

1 - It would be great(er) if the Interactive Video module would allow for a student to review the video without his existing score being over-written. A “best, worst, last” option is suggested here:

That would be similar to the “highest, average, first, last” option in Moodle’s Quiz module.

But even just a way to “freeze” the grade would be great. Being able to refer back to the material in a video without revisiting every interaction or viewing from the beginning) would make the tool much more useful for students, I think. I have even considered adding a second copy of the Interactive Video with no interactions - and make it available after the first one is complete - to serve as a reference video.

This post nicely explains the Interactive Video scoring (and asks for feedback - hence this post)

2 - As pointed out here a user need answer one only question correctly and then skip to the end of the video to get full credit. If a student were to do this, it would be great if the score in the Moodle grade book reflected that questions were skipped.

I appreciate everyone's willingness to consider new feature request and suggestions!


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Hi David,

Thank you for the suggestions and references which helps a lot :-)


And I am serious that I appreciate all this - H5P in general and everyone's great attitudes in particular. I'm sure it is hard designing for such a wide audience.

And both of the features are really needed, at least in my situation - K-12.