Moodle Gradebook: partial results only under 'Results for (Interactive video)'


An interactive video was set for three groups of my students. The Moodle gradebook shows a grade for all the students who completed the video (and none for those who didn't, presumably).

When I click the magnifying glass (in the Moodle gradebook) next to a student's grade, ('Grade analysis'), a report entitled 'Results for (name of interactive video)'.

However, between only two and four results are displayed (per group of 16-20 students) over two to three pages. The number of results available does not match the number that completed the task: many more completed the task than results available.

The activity was used over different days.

Why are so few results reported?

We are using Moodle 3.1.

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Requirements for "completing" an Interactive Video and getting a grade on it are different.
The sole requirement of completing an Interactive Video is to watch the last few seconds of it, which implies it has been watched.
To get a grade you must visit the interactions in Interactive Video, give them answers then "complete" the Interactive Video.

What might be happening is that only the video has been watched, and the interactions have not been done. In this case the video would register as being completed, but the student would get no grade, since they have not done the interactions. What also could have happened is interactions are being taken, but they are not watching the video to the end. In this case the student would not get a grade, since they have not completed the video.

I know this logic is not optimal. Do you have any suggestions for how we could handle this differently taking into account the different use cases for Interactive Video ?

I understand that the activity can register as 'completed' even though a student has only seen the last few seconds. However, this is not my problem. It's more of a display problem. I have attached two screenshots. The first is a screen shot of the Moodle gradebook display for an Interactive video activity. Although the class contained 20 students, only two results are displayed on page 1 and two more on page 2. When I use the search box, however, the other students' results can be found. The second screenshot shows the Moodle display for another activity, a gap-fill text. On this occasion (with the same class), all the students are displayed. (No results appear because the activity has not been done yet.) This is the display I would expect for my Interactive video activity.

Better still is the type of information from another website (see screenshot 'example'), but one which does not integrate with Moodle. It shows exactly what was watched, how long was spent watching and what was the result of the question. Below the graph are the detailed analyses of answers to questions. However, the h5p report is adequate but it is not convenient to have to search for all the students.

One last comment: could it be possible to sort the students' results list by surname and not by first name?


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Thank you for the feedback.

For all content types we provide rich experience statements, which can be used to generate very detailed reports of all attempts, much like your example suggests. However setting this up requires some administrative/development resources and must be done on the plugin's webpage, you can read more about how to leverage these statements in the "Analyzing results ans answers" guide.

We realize that setting up a Learning Record Store(LRS) and views for analyzing user results is not something that most people have the resources to do, so we have made a compromise which allows users to see the latest results in the Moodle reports. Since it already exists great LRS' out there, we want to focus on what H5P is good at and not compete with the LRS', so we provide the possiblity of leveraging those instead of attempting to compete with them. I want to emphasize though that we definitely recognize that the process of setting up this and using the xAPI statements can be improved, and we would love to prioritize that in the near future, together with improving the richness of our xAPI statements.

I'm not sure why you're not able to see all the students' results for given content. Could you elaborate a bit more on this, and give example of steps that will reproduce this bug ?

It is possible to improve the list so you can sort the sudents' results list by surname, however this requires some work. Could you create a separate post in the feature request forum for this with accompanying use-cases and benefits of adding this so it can be included in the system and prioritized properly. If you think there are some low-hanging fruits we can target to improve the current system, please let us know. Thanks again.

Thank you for your explanations regarding my comments on the detailed reports.

Concerning the display of the students' results, I am not sure what else I can add apart from the screenshot added to my last post which shows what I see for the activity which was done by a group of twenty students. The reports themselves are available as long as I search the students' names in the Search box, but not in the form of a list.

I am attaching the h5p file in case that helps.

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I'm not able to reproduce this.
I think this is the result of a bug that would remove the result when Interactive Video was reported with 0 as max score. Should have been fixed in:, but not released yet. It will be included in the next official Moodle release.

Please report back if this still happens after the release is available and upgrading.


We've updated but I still see the same result for the same activity as above.

I have 22 students' results (all graded 20/20) but I still only see two students' reports per page. (It seems as if it might be the most recent attempts) and only three pages. However, I can still find all the students by typing their names in the search box.

This is not a serious problem but it would be more convenient to see the results on one page.


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Thanks for your input enib. 


I'd also like to see improvements regarding the grading in Moodle. 

Currently, a viewer can skip all questions and only answer one correctly to receive 100%. 
I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work. 
All skipped question should be graded with 0 and an average percentage over all questions should be calculated. 

Maybe you could look at other projects and how grading is implemented there. 

I've just found your detailed explanation from this post:

Wouldn't it be possible to log multiple attempts and provide a setting to use only the best, worst or last attempt for grading?
This is the way how Moodle does it.  

It's very confusing when a student wants to rewatch a video and all points get lost. 

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Hi philpav,

These are all valid questions/suggestions and would greatly improve this content. I suggest that you post these suggestions in the feature request forum for better visibility.