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I am an H5P and Wordpress newbie. There appears a small grey vertical stripe when I use H5P. Not sure if it's some sort of incompatibility between plugins as I'm using the Elementor plugin to build the pages, hopefully you can give me some advice. The details are the following:
1. I am using the plugin Elementor version 1.7.12. I insert the generated h5p code with Elementor in a text box.
2. The Wordpress version is 4.8.3.
3. Desktop (Mac OS X)
4. Firefox  56.0.2
5. H5P version 1.9.4
Attached is the screenshot of the grey stripe. Many thanks in advance,Ana.

There appears a small grey vertical stripe when I use H5P. I'm using the Elementor plugin a Wordpress site. Thanks.
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Hi anavic,

I am unable to reproduce the issue that you described above. Although I would admit that I haven't used elementor until now. May I know how are you inserting the H5P using Elementor? What I did was is to use the HTML option and inserted the embed code.

Do you have any errors on the page when you check the console (ctrl+shift+J in chrome)?


Hello BV52.

I just found what the problem was (not a bug), the question that you asked me was key: I was copying the H5P code right away and pasting it on an Elementor text box, as shown in the attached image 1; you can see that it has some sort of grey background beneath the characters.

Thanks to your question it ocurred to me that if typed the code (i.e. without copying it on a clipboard) on the text box I wouldn't see the grey stripe anymore... and that was the right solution! (images 2 y 3)

Thank you,



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Hi Ana,

That's good to hear. If you have additional questions or clarifications feel free to post in the forum.