How to hide REPEAT and SOLUTION-Button? - Store first try only

After adding a single choice question into a video I have disabled the Repeat-Button (Wiederholen) and the Solution-Button (Lösung) - BUT it still shows the buttons....

Does this didablement only works in mukltiple choice?


Second question:

When the repeat-button is disabled (no second try is ever possible) then always the first and only try of a user is stored and sent to the gradebook in moodle, correct?

We want to store always only the first attempt.

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Hi Azurro,

Do you mind sharing the content that you created so that we can check?

For the 2nd question, yes you are correct. The first and only try will be stored in the gradebook.



If possible to do without sharing content would be great. Otherwise: how can I sahre content with you (possible that it is not public?)

many thanks for your help


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Hi Azzuro, I can't seem to reproduce your bug:

You can email me your .h5p file (just press the download button at the bottom of the frame). My email is [email protected]