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Hi, Flash cards is great :-) That would be even better if we could add many different correct answers for on question.
I mean : the teacher (me) could accept more than one answer from the students. 
For example : I know that my students often forget the full stop at the end of the sentences. I would like to consider these sentences correct as well. So I would like to be able to enter the sentence with a period and the sentence without a period as two possible correct answers.
I hope I am clear :-)
Thanks again

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Hi elsa,

This is a great idea! I think there is a similar feature of Fill in the blanks that it pardons minor spelling mistakes which can be used as a format. What do you think?



This is a feature I would also be interested in. Is there a way to accommodate it at the moment?

- Aimee

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Hi Aimee,

I sure hope someone in the community picks this up which will surely be a great addition to the content.


Hi all, any update or workaround for this feature request?

Hi, any update or work-around for this feature request?

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Hi maxdziku,

I'm afraid no has picked up this project.