Course Presentation Background image: Zoom/Crop not stretch


Myself and our tutors use the Course Presentation tool a lot - and love it.

However, many of them are not designers and become frustrated when the template background image that they upload becomes stretched. We use a lot of animal images, and these end up looking pretty bad!

Instead, would it not make sense to zoom/crop the image to a point where it fits the presentation dimensions, rather than stretch it? I'm not sure how possible/feasible this is, but it would be a huge help I think.

Great work as always!

Dan J

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Hi Dan J,

This is a great idea. It would really save a lot of time in editing the image first before uploading. Thank you for the suggestion.


Great! So do I need to put this forward for inclusion or is that something you will do? :)

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Hi Danjeffries,

Implementation of a new feature depends on how many people in the community needs it or if there is funding. The good thing about H5P is that it is open source, so you or anyone in the community can make the changes.


Could we have specifications as to the background image size? Then, it would be easier to add an image background. It also seems to me that when changing to surface mode, there is a change in size and margin. 

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Hi maude,

The image should have a 2:1 width to height ratio so that it won't stretch.

For the second question can you please provide a sample content so that we can check it.