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what happened to the mini course content type it looks really good to bring about lesson in a wonderful way... hoping to see it released in the near future...

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I had hoped this was released a long time ago, but I haven't found the time. The development is mainly done as a "hobby-project".

It will be released at some point, but I honestly don't know when.

Dear fnoks,

this is a really promising content type.. that guides the process of think and steps in lesson in k-12 .. please let us know how we could help.. I am no programer but this is too good to let pass or fall behind helps student expand learning and knowledge with guiding them through the learning process which is amazing...


* really hoping to see this content released in the near future or at least have some time added to it..

Dear Fnoks


Is there a way to contribute (a few hours) to the development of the mini course content type.... I am really excited about this content type and think it will be a great addition to the content types.. could you imagine the use of this content type to make units it is amazing.. not only that it is self-guiding for the learner which means it can actually be differentiated which mean one a lesson is marked then based on the results a student could go to different activities.. so kind of a higher differentiated lessons based on abilities..  

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In the current state, I think it is hard to put other developer-resources into this. I am in the middle of a refactoring of the current code.

I agree this will be a good addition to the content types already existing! Only need to find some time to get it finished :)

Glad we feel the same. 

Looking forward to testing it when it is ready. 



Hi Fnoks,

Is there any possible updates for this content type. 

Please advice. 



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Unfortunately not. When it is released, it will be mentioned in the H5P newsletter!

Thank you for the reply fnoks, I was only wondering if there is away to contribute to this...

Hi fnoks,

is there anything we can do as a community to help in the development of the minicourse content type...


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Unfortunately, I don't think so. At least not in the current state, where I am in the middle of a refactor of the code.

Hi Fnoks,

Warm Greetings! hope all is going well.. any updates on the mini course refactoring, would love to have this for the start of this academic year. All the best we appreciate all the innovation contributed by h5p to our classrooms.



hi Pal, 

any progress my friend! so I am having dreams about this being released soon!!! so exciting..


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No news yet. My goal is to have it ready for the H5P conference in December.

hi fnoks,

Hope all is going great! any updates please! looking forward to seeing this in action!

Hi fnoks,

Will the mini course be released soon! I was hoping this was one of the December conference release of new content gifts! please update us we are so excited for this content type!



Any updates?! Or Is this changed to interactive book!

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Hi farrisimin,

No updates yet. The core team has been busy lately and lacks the time to work on their side projects.