Drag and drop and solution

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I love the drag and drop activity, this is so great! My students enjoy it!

But I can't offer them a "solution button".

Is there a way to create a solution button ? 

I see "Require user input before the solution can be viewed", but I don't understand how to offer the solution.

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Laura,

There is no "Show solution" button for Drag and Drop. The "Require user input before the solution can be viewed" checkbox referes to the "Check"-button, and the answer the user sees when it is clicked.

- Tom

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Sorry, but, as I posted on another discussion, I still do not understand the purpose of this setting, as it does not make any difference whether it's checked or not.

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Hi papi Jo, I think you're right. That setting doesn't actually do anything, I'm going to create an issue to have it removed. 
Cross reference to the other discussion: https://h5p.org/node/39020

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Hi Laura, I think your best bet is to make a feature request in the feature request section :)

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I'm afraid a "show solution(s)" feature would be rather difficult to implement in the Drag & drop activity. But I would very much like to see it myself.

I too would like to see this. I just found this thread reashing why the 'show solution' button doesn't do anything.
It would be great if the clicking on "show solution" (after selecting an incorrect answer) caused the correct answer to flash up with a green border as it does when you do select the correct answer. This would maximise learning, teaching what the answer IS opposed to what it is not. 

Please do this?! 0:)

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I'm currently working on a number of improvements to the D & D activity and the "show solution" feature is high on my todo list. But it may take a few months. 

Great to hear!  I would love to see this. I wish you much success.

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Hi papi Jo,

We're looking forward to that and thank you for all your contributions :-)


Where can we see this improvements?

I understood it is available but I don't find it

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Hi nadiafesta,

Most features from Papi Jo are not yet included in the official release of Drag and Drop but you check them out through his website. You can check this thread for more details.


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Please help testing it. See https://h5p.org/node/231950

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Hi papi Jo,

We can't thank you enough for your contribution. I will head over to your site to help test the new features.


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This looks great. Is it possible to use it with the drag and drop tasks in interactive video?

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I don't think so.

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Do you think that it would be a good idea to make a feature request on this?

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Why not?


Merci pour tout ce gros boulot !

Ces modifications (notamment "conserver les bonnes réponses") ont-elles été implémentées dans la version "normale" ? Est-ce en cours ?

Has "Keep correct answers" been implemented as a possible option, as of today?


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Merci !

You asked "Has "Keep correct answers" been implemented as a possible option, as of today?"

Not yet. See this post: https://h5p.org/comment/25633#comment-25633

Thanks, I understand the challenge of starting over the drag & drop activity.

I guess I'll be using all the other awesome stuff for now :)